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sea side lounge “seto to feu”

        Seto and Kagero

Seaside Lounge Setotoff

⋆Reservation required⋆

*Reservations can be made by phone, email, or in-store.

lounge english: 概要

~ Beyond the glass is like a children's world ~
The changing colors of the sea and sky, the islands on the opposite shore, the passing ships... Inside the store is a simple space where the sunlight and glass intersect. Lighting fixtures inspired by beach huts, fishing fires, and island octopus pots. Reflected in the glass is that fresh feeling from childhood...
Indoor seating: 20 seats
Terrace seating: 20 seats

lounge english: 概要

~ Japanese-Western fusion of nostalgia and innovation ~
We will create Japanese-Western fusion cuisine with a focus on Ehime Seto Inland Sea ingredients while respecting local dishes with care.
*Reservations accepted by phone, email, or in-store.

lounge english: 概要

◆Reservation-only Lunch 11:30-13:00 (Last Order) 15:00 (Close) Irregular Holidays

❋LUNCH A 3000 (3300)
Seasonal Salad Settofu Style Soup
Ehime Pork Hamburg Steak or Ehime Saijo Imo Pork Tonkatsu
Seasonal Fruits and Smooth Gelato no.1
Coffee or Tea

❋LUNCH B 5500 (6050)
Seasonal Salad Settofu Style
Original Pot-au-feu named Setofu... Setouchi Style
Grilled selection of the day's finest ingredients: Local Pork, Local Chicken, Local Fish, Duck, etc... one choice
Seasonal Fruits and Smooth Gelato no.2
Coffee or Tea

*Reservations required by 18:00 the day before.

Menu subject to change.

❋DRINK / ALCOHOL 650-1000

Java Tea,

Azumino Mineral Water,

Gogoshima Nade,

Iyokan & Lemon-based hot/cold,

Gogoshima Soda Yuzu & Lemon-based,

Craft Ginger Ale Spicy hot/cold/soda,

Gogoshima Mandarin Juice,

Coffee hot/cold,

Cafe au Lait hot/cold,

Glass Wine white/red,

Kirin Heartland Draft Beer,

Gogoshima Craft Beer,

Mandarin-based Cocktails,

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails,

Whiskey, Shochu,


*Other options available.

◆Private Space with Ocean View Terrace seating available.

❋Private Lunch Course Plan for 6-10 people
B Lunch × (number of people) + Private fee 10,000 yen (up to 3 hours)

❋Curry Lunch included Affordable Private Plan for about 10-30 people (number of people to be discussed)
Welcome Original Drink, Original Spice Curry, Dessert and Drink
Above menu 3,300 yen × (number of people) + Private fee 10,000 yen (up to 6 hours)

❋Private Party Plan for about 10-30 people (number of people to be discussed)

Party Cuisine 5,500 yen × (number of people) + Private fee 10,000 yen (up to 3 hours)
Free Drink from 1,500 yen

❋Private Space available for Training Sessions,

Social Gatherings,

Photoshoots, Sketching Sessions, Yoga, Acoustic Live, etc.
*Basic fee 20,000 yen for 6 hours, additional 3,500 yen per hour thereafter.

*For commercial purposes such as exhibitions, please inquire.
*Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays.

◆For inquiries or requests, feel free to contact us.

lounge english: テキスト
lounge english: 概要

"Japanese-style Western cuisine = The pursuit of a better way of eating”

I believe that it plays a social role in pursuing the better way of eating without fear of theoretically unachievable things, while respecting Japan's unique spirituality and Western food culture, learning Western and Japanese local cuisine correctly, and opening a new door to food that is close to modern Japanese people. By promoting the "pursuit of a better way of eating," I hope to connect it to the precious lives and health of the next generation. With gratitude to all encounters..."

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